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VAXXED, the movie: Nurses, Physicians and Parents reactions


Since it’s release and the subsequent controversy, the film has been heralded by many who probably would have never taken the time to watch it if it weren’t for the controversy, and has helped to push this critical issue closer into the spotlight of mainstream awareness.

Excerpts: VAXXED-Reactions-1-300x169

“I did not fully vaccinate my children because I strongly believed there was a link towards autism. Pretty much in the background, we don’t vaccinate our own children; but unfortunately, those in family medicine, pediatricians, it really affects their practice and their revenue. I took an oath to do no wrong, and that’s it.” Dr. Joshua Morton I, MD, MBA


The Greek Surrender Finance As A New Means Of War


The Greek Surrender –
Finance As A New Means Of War

An interview between Michael Hudson & Sharmini Peries


MICHAEL HUDSON: It’s good to be back.

PERIES: Michael the International Monetary Fund is pushing for comprehensive measures to tackle Greece’s debt burden. They want the lenders to get creative in terms of debt cancellation and the measure that they’\’re proposing seems to be fairly progressive compared to what the lenders are talking about. Tell us more about the IMF’s proposal and how the lenders are reacting to it.

HUDSON: The IMF says it will not reduce Greece’s debt by a single penny. It will keep the debt in place. The problem is the way that the European central banks keep their balance sheets, if it breaks down Greece’s debt owed to the IMF, then the countries Germany, France and other countries whose banks are bailed out will have to take a loss and they refuse to lose a single penny. So the IMF has not made a creative proposal. It has repeated what it said a year ago without changing a single word. It says okay, we’re going to keep every penny of debt in place but we’re going to give you a fudging number. We’’e only going to charge you 1.5% interest and you won’t have to pay the debt for 25 years. So you don’t get a debt markdown, but you won’t have to pay interests for 25 years and we’ll charge you only a little bit of interest.

There’s only one kicker. You’re going to have to cancel your pensions, write them down, impose austerity, privatize your government, and you’re going to have to shrink your economy so that it will shrink by about 1, 2, 3% a year so that the 1.5% interest that we’re charging as little as it is, is going to absorb all the income growth you have. Every penny of growth of have from the next 25 years ,you’ll have to end up paying the German banks. READ MORE…

Editorial Opinion: Vaccine investigation-The Trump Team data:

Vaccine ingredients:


Saudi Arabia press accuse the USA of masterminded 911 to initiate the war on terror


In response to the U.S. Senate’s unanimous vote to allow 9/11 victims’ families to sue Saudi Arabia in federal court, a report published in the London-based Al-Hayat daily, by Saudi legal expert Katib al-Shammari, claims that the U.S. masterminded the terror attacks as a means of creating a nebulous “enemy” in order garner public support for a global war on terror.

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ATTENTION CALIFORNIA anti vaccine movement:

California high school forces children to watch vaccine propaganda film and give ‘correct’ answers or be penalized


We can’t let this propaganda strategy get hold and start spreading.

IMG_0255-225x300-1 IMG_3011-225x300

Redondo Beach Union HS can be our first response:

It takes only one person to do this but I suggest that you make a concerted effort and have a few parents do this so that we can call in the Press and TV stations to cover it.


1) Stand off the school property at end of school day when kids are getting out of school.  Roll out the sticker roll so that 10 show at a time and say “Hey kids do you want some free stickers”
2) Give 10 at a time and ask them to “share”.

3) Give a roll to any eager student who wants to pass them out.

4) Ask if anyone has ADHD?  Tell them it is the vaccines

5) Get the press to cover it

6) kids will put these on their school books, bikes, skate boards

student-VLA P1050929-150x150

YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THAT IT IS LIKE A BIRD FEEDING FRENZY AND YOU WILL HAVE GREAT FUN AND SATISFACTION.  Give a few rolls to the kids to pass them out at school.  Tell the press that you are balancing the cooked books.  This is education on the risks of vaccination. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ROLLS

Best regards,

Autism Coach: Share your vaccine injury stories


Excerpt: My name is Lauren and I have a son on the autism spectrum. When my son was under 2 y/o he was a typical developing and happy boy. Always smiling and starting his first words at a tender age. He was so alert and smart, he was my husbands and I first son and we were so excited to be embarking on this amazing journey together. When my son was just under 2 he received a flu shot and then received his MMR shot at 2. After both of these shots my son got an extremely high fever to where I had to take him to the emergency room, because we could not bring the fevers down, both over 104 degrees. The doctors were dumbfounded and kept asking me if someone in the house was sick or if he had been exposed to anything. I told them no, the only thing I can think of is he had a shot and they would dismiss that right away saying shots don’t cause fevers, well we know differently today and all they could do was medicate him and give him an ice bath doing anything they could to bring that fever down.

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VLA Comment:  Painful to read all these stories…but if you have any doubts that vaccines are not safe read some of these stories.

David Icke on Consciousness & his experience with Ayahuasca (DMT

Recommendation: To connect David Icke to what is going on politically, etc…watch his  complete youtube series videos and Wake UP….

“Connect the Dots” (David Icke) 

If you want to know what Trump knows… watch  Connect the Dots Part #4  That is why he is bringing back the outsourced.


Hungary & Poland Declare Cultural Integrity: “No Migrants”


Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban slammed Bill Clinton as a puppet of billionaire George Soros for supporting his plan to flood the EU with “millions” of hostile Muslims.

Clinton last week said the anti-migrant countries of Hungary and Poland “decided democracy is too much trouble,” therefor “they want Putin-like leadership” to “keep the foreigners out.”