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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Study

Nations differ in their immunization requirements for infants aged less than 1 year. In 2009, five of the 34 nations with the best IMRs required 12 vaccine doses, the least amount, while the United States required 26 vaccine doses, the most of any nation.

Is there evidence linking SIDS to vaccines?There is some evidence that a subset of infants may be more susceptible to SIDS shortly after being vaccinated. For example, Torch found that two-thirds of babies who had died from SIDS had been vaccinated against DPT (diphtheria–pertussis–tetanus toxoid) prior to death. Of these, 6.5% died within 12 hours of vaccination; 13% within 24 hours; 26% within 3 days; and 37%, 61%, and 70% within 1, 2, and 3 weeks, respectively.

Statistics: RECLASSIFYING:  Sudden Unknown Infant Death vs. Sudden Infant Death: If some infant deaths are vaccine related and concealed within the various ICD categories for SUIDs, is it possible that other vaccine-related infant deaths have also been reclassified?  READ STUDY…

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Dr. Paul G. King’s rebuttal on “No parent should be able to opt-out on vaccines”

This download is Dr. Paul G. King’s  assessment of “Time to get tough on vaccine refusal” by Rathi Asaithambi. The author’s subtitle is even more outrageous: ‘Failure to immunize endangers public health, so parents should rarely if ever be permitted to opt out”. Ms. Asithambi is the winner of a 2011 John Hopkins Global Health Scholarship with a dual B.A. in Sociology and Religious Studies, who expects to be an MD in 2013.  Editorial was  downloaded on 18 April 2012, from the Baltimore Sun.  Dr. King can be contacted at

Director of National Coalition of Organized Women and founder of the student Vaccine Liberation Army response.

Michigan DNR force family farmers to kill their pigs

In an attempt to “standardize” pigs so that the big boys can control the market, just like in the case of raw milk vs. the Dairy industry, the Michigan DNR has sent its swat team to the farms in Michigan to wipe out the small family farmers furry herd. The reason they are “furry” is because they spend their time out in the light and nuzzling in the ground – naturally reared pigs. Unfortunately for them, right now, they do not look naked, pink and bold like pigs in Confined Animal Feeding Operations which we call Pigs on Ex-Lax.

The Pig stakeholder have cloned and GMO pig patents (Enviropig) in the wings ready to standardize, claim complete ownership and monopolize the market with biotech livestock. Meanwhile, there appears to be a plan to kill off the “natural” competition.

GARY KOHLS: How Psychiatric Drugs Made America Mad!

Many casually prescribed drugs are fully capable of disabling – often permanently – bodies, brains and spirits.Since the introduction of major tranquilizers like Thorazine and Haldol, “minor” tranquilizers like Miltown, Librium and Valium and the dozens of so-called “antidepressants” like Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil, tens of millions of unsuspecting Americans have become mired deeply, to the point of permanent disability, in the American mental “health” system.  GREAT ARTICLE BY GARY KOHL….READ…

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Peer Reviewed Study: Why are Nurses becoming Anti-vaccinists?

Background: Background: In most countries rates of immunizations of health care workers with recommended vaccines
are not satisfactory. Objectives: To identify reasons behind the low rates of compliance of Israeli nurses in Mother and Child
Healthcare Centers (MCHC) with an official request for pertussis vaccination. Methods: Three focus groups were conducted. Qualitative analysis identified themes that could explain the nurses’ non-compliance. Results: Trust in health authorities was low, mainly following the A/H1N1 purported influenza pandemic. In addition, nurses did not see the importance of being role models for the public and demanded the autonomy to decide whether to receive vaccinations. The nurses differentiated between their role asnurses and their personal life, expressed fear of new vaccines and exhibited low levels of risk perception. Misconceptions regarding vaccinations were expressed by the nurses. Conclusions: Antivaccinationist ideas were expressed by MCHC nurses and these attitudes may have led to non-compliance with vaccination guidelines.  Read study…

Polio: 47,500 paralysis cases after polio vaccine

Polio vaccines are causing paralysis and death in India and the local press is reporting it (not the US press, of course). This article is from the largest circulation English language paper in South India.  Read more…

  • April 14, 2012 Cases of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis, better known as AFP, has sharply increased with the increase in the administration of oral polio vaccination (OPV) in the country under the much-acclaimed polio eradication programme.

Notice the “labels” in an attempt to “disconnect” the adverse reaction from its source-the vaccine!

Dr. Becker: Curing Cancer in Pets-good advice for humans too

This month’s real story features Anubis, a gorgeous 12-year old female Husky who, I am thrilled to report, is now breast cancer free!

Anubis Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer a Year Ago

In spring 2011, we discovered Anubis had mammary lumps. It turned out one was benign, but two were malignant (breast cancer). I needed to remove all the tumors, of course, but that wasn’t the end of it. I also needed to understand the underlying cause of the breast lumps so we could prevent a recurrence and return Anubis’s body to a state of balance. Since breast cancer is linked to estrogen levels, the first thing I did after diagnosing the lumps was measure her estrogen. She was at toxic levels.  Read More…