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Personal Story: False HIV and the deadly AIDS drugs

Tomás Brewster’s journey in a brief 9 minute excerpt about the false “HIV” positive misdiagnosis he received 6 years after he took the deadly HIV drugs Indinivir, AZT,3TC, & also Combivir and Nevirapine(Viramune).

Testing Antibody Positive in 1997 he was later told in 2004 that he was “Indeterminate” and needed to re-test for HIV or be let go from funding and medical care.

AIDS FRAUD-Is the HIV virus real? HOUSE OF NUMBERS, the documentary

A film that shakes the world players at the AIDS table in an attempt to awaken the populace to bring down this House of Numbers. If you never understood what people meant by “HIV doesn’t cause AIDS”, this film will bring you to an understanding of this complex, perhaps imposed and possibly fraudulent social drama. It is a good thing. Perhaps people don’t have to live in deadly fear of being infected! Lots to reckon with. Buy this DVD…

New Synthetic Species: Making viruses and bacterium whos parents are computers

Working with Novartis with Venter’s new “synthetic” species to produce flu vaccine.

Announcing the first synthetic species. Identify the cell digital code in the computer; building the chromosome from four bottles of chemicals….transforming the recipient bacteria cell into a new bacterial species. Parent is a computer. The new synthetic species has its own website encoded in its genetic code.

Tom Woods: How To Resist Federal Tyranny

How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century-Tom Woods

State nullification is the idea that the states can and must refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws.

Thomas Jefferson, among other distinguished Americans. His draft of the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 first introduced the word “nullification” into American political life, and follow-up resolutions in 1799 employed Jefferson’s formulation that “nullification…is the rightful remedy” when the federal government reaches beyond its constitutional powers.  Buy book…

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Oct/2010 Multiple Sclerosis following Meningitis & HPV shot: Court settles for plaintiff

Damages decision based on stipulation

HPV/Menactra and Multiple Sclerosis-Petitioner alleged that she suffered from paralysis and right-sided numbness which was eventually diagnosed as multiple sclerosis following her meningitis and human papillomavirus (“HPV”) vaccinations.

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VAERS 9/2010:BABY DIES-Breast feeding mother receives Gardasil

S.A.N.E. VAX, Inc. provides links to vaccine-injury physicians and medical practitioners, vaccine-injury attorneys, and other vaccine-related groups. We will provide instructions on how to become politically active, should you wish to do so, along with links to political action groups representing thousands of vaccine-injured victims and their families.

40 Day Old Baby Dies After Breastfeeding Mom receives Gardasil shot. (see Gardasil video for more) as reported on VAERS:

VAERS REPORT: 129 new adverse reaction reports since the beginning of October including 2 death reports.  Here’s one:

Symptoms: Death, Drug exposure via breast milk, General physical health deterioration

Write-up: Information has been received from a physician for the pregnancy registry for GARDASIL, concerning a female who on 01-SEP-2010 was vaccinated with the first dose of GARDASIL (lot number not reported) intramuscularly while breastfed her baby was 40 day old (WAES 1009USA00625), it was reported that the mother’s and baby’s health were good (well controlled). On 02-SEP-2010, in the morning, the baby’s condition was still good but in the afternoon the condition suddenly drop. The family immediately took the baby to hospital and it did not help since the baby died shortly after that. The cause of death was not reported, it was also reported as “not recovered from death”. No further information is available.

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Science-based letter to FDA to rescind approval for Gardasil

S.A.N.E. VAX, Inc, a non-profit organization request that the FDA rescind its approval for Gardasil™ as a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer or to prevent genotype-specific human papillomavirus (HPV) infection due to use of an inappropriate primary endpoint and unreliable HPV genotyping methods for efficacy evaluation

EXCERPT: Dear Dr. Hamburg:   …This research revealed the fact that in November 2001 the VRBPAC committee allowed the vaccine manufacturer, Merck & Co., Inc., to use: CIN 2/3, AIS, or cervical cancer; i.e. CIN 2/3 or worse by histology- with virology to determine the associated HPV type- as the primary endpoint in the evaluation of a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. [1] Using this primary endpoint for statistical calculation in the clinical trials invalidates the claimed efficacy of Gardasil™ as a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. Read entire letter to FDA Director Margaret Hamburg