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Monsanto Joins World Business Council for Sustainable Development


Corporate giant Monsanto, known for its controversial business model, lobbying, and its widely criticized genetically modified organisms (GMOs), has officially joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a group of powerful interests including major banks and Big Oil.  Some expressed alarm over the announcement, saying the global “sustainability” push is really a transparent plot to centralize power in the UN and enrich special interests at the expense of private property rights, national sovereignty, and individual liberty. (Agenda 21). Read more…

VLA comment:  In Fairfield, Iowa where we have thousands of people meditating; where the University grows its own organic food –  the only cafeteria in the US to do so, we have a 2 block long, 22 story GMO grain elevator being constructed at the edge of this sustainable town.  Fairfield is the home of Jeffrey Smith, the worlds leading anti GMO lecturer and activist. This granary will hook up to Warren Buffet’s BNSF railway and ship 20 million bushels of corn to the Asia Pacific rim through Mexico to Japan to China.  Iowa is slated in this new vision to become the center agribusiness industrial park for the global food supply (genetically engineered food, only). With this resource having strategically been developing over the years, the United States will enjoy, by and by, a big piece of the global currency supply which will be based on “resources”.  The USA will ostensibly own the World food supply—Iowa will supply hogs and feed to the world.  With this new vision the sustainable program of Agenda 21 will fit in nicely in the name of FOOD SECURITY.  Human resources will be marginalized in Iowa where Pigs on Ex Lax and frankenfeed will be shipped abroad. Where swaths of land will be set aside for Food Security Purposes and people (those who stay) will live in zoned cities.  A China company now owns the largest USA pork producer and Japan owns the 3rd largest grain/feed distributor.  But the interesting this is that behind this companies in the deep are American Wall Street Corporate players. China bought Smithfield Hogs in order to learn about consolidated pork production techniques which they will employ in China and build their own CAFO industry following Smithfield’s CAFO models.  However, American hog farmers will be surprised to find corn/feed prices at all time highs.  They will also be surprised when they find out that China wants the whole pig as they eat parts of the pigs we throw away.  With this many immigrants working at the meat processing factories will be out their jobs.  There goes the immigrant Mexican Hispanic workers who were driven to the United States because of the NAFTA trade deal.

Mexico recently banned the planting of GMO foods in Mexico yet this new vision, the Heartland Grain Co op under construction in Fairfield and Buffet’s BNSF railroad will export 20,000,000 bushels of corn to/through Mexico while the hispanic immigrants who came to USA under NAFTA agreements will be out of their jobs.  Once China gets their own consolidated pork producing going…lets watch the Hog market collapse post their expansion to serve China.

And when mother nature has had enough alien life forms planted in her womb, destroying her reproductive ecology, she will have her day too!  Any good woman would have abort under these circumstances.  I have prophesied an agricultural holocaust since the 1990s.  I think that 2025 will see it rear its head.



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Arming the USDA with Submachne Guns and Body Armor?


This public disclosure follows similar disclosures for the purchase of firearms and ammunition for the United States Post Office, Social Security Administration, National Weather Service, and Department of Education.  Read more…

Why are we arming the USDA?  Tune in here, for the syndicated Food Chain Radio Show #969 Live on May 31, 2014 Saturday 9AM Pacific

VLA comment:  Tom Vilsack, the former Governor of Iowa is just a figure head as Secretary of Agriculture (USDA).  The real person in charge has been working behind the scenes in government since Dr. David Kessler’s time (the tobacco debacle) is Jerold Mande, USDA’s Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety.  His best buddy is the czar of the FDA, Monsanto’s Michael Taylor. No one hears much about Jerold.  Bottomline is Jerold Mande runs the USDA and Michael Taylor runs the FDA.  I called the USDA to find Jerold Mande.  I asked what his title was and they would not give me that information.  I said I think he is the deputy secretary and the telephone operator said she could not give me that information but If I give her my name she would have him call me.  I am amazed that our own government agency has such a defense about transparency that I can’t even get the job title of one of the agency’ heads. May be you would like to ask him about Food Safety…Give it a try. See what you can find out...202 720-3631



VLA Comment: Common Core education is the new curriculum being foisted on the states (via funding threats). It is designed to educate (program) our new generation of Americans into a common mind set. Considering our children are injected with as many as 54 toxic vaccine doses by the age of six, then given psychiatric drugs to mitigate the problems caused by the damage done by the vaccines, the Federally directed mind control education actually may not work. Our children’s mind and body are pre-set for chronic illness and mental confusion. Ritalin and Adderall are pervasive use amphetamines. 25% of American children are on Ritaline, Adderall and other psyche drugs such as Concerta, Paxil, Prozac…you name it. 10,000 toddlers are on psyche drugs.1 out of 68 children are Autistic. A

Apparently the momentum is too strong to stop this destruction of humanity as the establishment won’t listen. Our saving-grace constitutional resource is the religious exemption for vaccination and …home school education or community based schools are the better option so that a few clear leaders will emerge from this mass extinction.


BAhbB1sHOgZmSSI4MjAxMi8wNy8yNS8xOF81OF80MF82OV9DSElOQV9OZXdfSG9wZV9QcmVzaWRlbnQuanBnBjoGRVRbCDoGcDoKdGh1bWJJIgkzMDB4BjsGVAChinese corporations are also making moves to control the supply of agricultural commodities going to China. COFCO, China’s biggest grain trader as well as one of its largest meat and dairy companies, is exploring investments in grain and soybean production and trading logistics in Russia, Brazil and Argentina. Chongqing Grain has put aside US$6 billion to invest in grain and oilseed production and trade.

VLA COMMENT:  Here in Fairfield, Iowa, home of Maharishi University of Management and the largest group of meditators in the United States, the Industrial plan for Iowa is facilitating the building of a massive 22 story grain elevator, 2 blocks long with 110 railway car access to BNSF railroads to ship 20 Million bushel per year of corn to Texas, Mexico and the pacific countries-Japan and China.  Iowa is slated to become the bio-Agribusiness Industrial food state for the world for hogs and feed and thus gain a big piece of the new reset global currency pie, by and by after the drop in valuation.

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PDF Ag Policy paper 2010

New England Journal of Medicine: Shingles (herpes zoster) contracted in a 19 month old vaccinated child


A 19-month-old female infant presented with a 1-week history of ascending linear erythematous eruptions on the left calf. She showed no indications of immune disturbances and was a full-term infant with a healthy rate of weight gain and development. She had been immunized with the varicella vaccine 7 months before presentation.  Read more…

VLA Comment:  No mention, of course, that vaccine caused the shingles.

Varicella zoster virus (VZV) causes varicella (chicken pox) in the nonimmune host.1 After resolution of the primary infection, the virus enters the latent phase and remains in sensory ganglia until an opportunity arises for reactivation.1,2 This reactivation, called herpes zoster (HZ; shingles),

NY Times (May 2014) 10, 000 Toddlers are medicated

JP-TODDLERS-master675 ATLANTA — More than 10,000 American toddlers 2 or 3 years old are being medicated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder outside established pediatric guidelines, according to data presented on Friday by an official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.           Read more…

VLA comment:  When will they get it that it is the Vaccines.  It is about that age between 2& 3 when Autism shows up as well.  ADHD is the lower range of the Autism spectrum caused by vaccines.  Today, pregnant women are told to take 4 vaccine doses (in-utero to the fetus) and 49 vaccine doses by the time they are 6 years old. ADHD is not a mental illness it is a physiological injury from the inordinate amount of vaccines foisted on the emerging generation of humanity.