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  1. Julie formo

    I’d like to see the video with Suzanne Humphries on vaccines in a ten minute video. Is there a link?

  2. Ken McClelan

    A couple of years ago I received a TDAP shot, and within days I began displaying signs and symptoms similar to Guillian Barre’ Syndrome (my daughter had that at 21 during a pregnancy, so I’m familiar with what it looks like). After ending up in the ER and then being admitted into the hospital for a couple of days, the best my team of 6 doctors could determine is that I have Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR), and they started me on 40mg Prednisone, and I’m taking 10mg of Prednisone daily, which allows to function with acceptable pain.

    According to the CDC, adults are only supposed to get one TDAP shot per lifetime, with booster shots after that. However, the event that triggered my PMR was the second vaccination of TDAP given to me, less than two years apart. From what I’ve read about PMR, though not much is known about it, a shock to the immune system is believed to be one of the causes.

    So my question is this, and I’m hoping you can help me because the hospital that gave me the vaccine said tough luck, the employer who I was trying to get a job with who gave me this vaccine before I was even employed with them said tough luck, and now it appears like The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is going to tell me tough luck too.

    Is it a possibility or likely that my PMR which started right after I had my 2nd TDAP shot in two years may be responsible for my PMR? And if so, how would i find out if others may have had a similar negative experience from TDAP? And lastly, if you believe it is likely that the PMR is associated with my 2nd TDAP vaccination, could I hire you as an expert witness?

    Thank you for any answers or help you might be able to offer to me. KM

  3. Editor

    HI Ken: Send your inquiry to Dr. Paul G. King, our vaccine consultant. You can have a chat with him. You can also google VAERS data and do a easy search
    by clicking the TDAP vaccine and following the search questions to see all the ADVERSE EVENTS. If you have problem with that let me know.
    Dr. King is: I sent you and Dr. King a separate email.

  4. Sara Lee Langsam

    I wanted to find the vaccine schedule for the 1940’s and typed the question into my kindle. That brought me to a page with many links one of which was from your website. The webpage was great with different charts from different decades and the picture if a skull and crossbones. I looked for a way to share this page via e-mail but couldn’t find anything.

    Then I tried going to your web address home page but couldn’t locate the page with the charts. My request is help me find the page with the charts and help me share it via simple email. Thank you.

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