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Parents outraged after American Academy of Pediatrics issues official gender puberty guide (wow)

Diversity and Equity Federal grants push the gender ideology and Critical race theory curriculum at all schools, public and private.
               THIS BOOK IS TARGETED TO BE IN  EVERY SCHOOL published by American   Academy of Pediatrics


For curious kids and parents looking to talk about puberty in an inclusive way,

KIds can learn new words and concepts too

The “Non-Historical Evidence” of the existence of Jesus (Archarya S.)

Why isn’t Jesus mentioned in the any of the records of the Historical day?
Why is the only record of Jesus found in the New Testaments decades later?

VLA COMMENT: Don’t be afraid to listen to Archary S. and to embrace multiple perspectives and still maintain a peace that surpasses understanding.

VLA Comment: Editor, Dr. Robert Price is one of our greatest Christian Scholars

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