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ROLLS OF STICKERS FOR KIDS… SATURATE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL & HIGH SCHOOL! Cost: $20.00 plus flat rate postage for a roll of 250 high quality stickers (indoors or outdoors). DONATE HERE:  click the yellow donate button. Or go to SHOP

Kids love stickers! Rather than giving out wordy information to middle and HS kids, we give our provocative sticker. Students flock around us…like birds at a food frenzy. Rand Corporation has issued a strategy to directly target the public schools’ adolescent population.

The School Based Health Clinics approved by Congress and funded by vaccine manufacturers are being installed in schools and brainwashing out children around the nation. (SBHC).

There are bills being introduced all over the nation that would allow a child to ask for a vaccine such as that touted as a “sexual-safe” vaccines that would allow an underaged individual to receive a vaccine without their parents’ approval or their knowledge.

Watch this 5 minute powerpoint: Warns that it is the vaccinated that is endangering immuno-compromised children

Humanity666 powerpoint presentation

Use this powerful, factual, emotional, spiritual, scientific powerpoint presentation at the library; friends; family, legislators, etc.


The strategy is to brainwash our children from early ages at home via programs like SID THE SCIENCE KID and at school with art contests and other strategies.

Thank you for your on the ground participation.  Click CONTACT in the header or email: and ask for your  ROLL OF 250 perforated, highest quality, VLA stickers.

ATTENTION NATIONS OTHER THAN USA: Please contact us and we will send you the original VLA STICKER artwork so that you can print in your own country. PDF of Sticker Strategy POINTERS for street teams. Click CONTACT in the header or email:

29 thoughts on “Sticker Strategy

  1. Editor Post author

    Sent decal sets out Friday. You will get them soon. Join the face book page we started for this campaign-THE GREATEST LIE CAMPAIGN (on facebook)

  2. Kristine Barrera

    How would I order some stickers from you?
    Love what you are doing! Thank you for taking the lead on the horrible crime that is vaccines! So appreciated 🙂

  3. Hayley Jones

    How can I order stickers? Down here in San Diego and I would love to rage these around town!

  4. Bridget Bluhm

    I would like some of “The Greatest Lies Ever Told” stickers please! 🙂 please let me know how to order them.

  5. Lucy

    heard on late night radio the Clint on agenda wants the FDA/CDC to regulate all food supplements. AND allow pharma to opt out of pharmacy package inserts. The insert may still be included but not necessary the true disclosure of possible side effects or counter indications. Pharmacist will then say, “here’s your drug,…Enjoy,” instead of going over the insert.

    My charming 6 y/o son was destroyed by his first MMR, it’s 24 years and I still weep.


    Can’t wait till cameras are stuck up to catch your cult in the act of defacing public property and business with your stickers. It is one thing to hand out and publicly state your opinion but to deliberately deface someone else’s property or business without their consent is shameful

  7. Editor Post author

    The sticker is of a very high quality and can easily be removed. I can’t account for what people do with the stickers, however, the death, debility and crippling of infants and children is a high priority conversation and the establishment has the money to propagandize the public. We are doing the best we can to engender research and conversation to save the disabling of all the incoming generations of humanity.

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