Zika virus 2016 Pandemic? Genetically engineered mosquito backfires

The World Health Organization announced it will convene an Emergency Committee under International Health Regulations on Monday, February 1, concerning the Zika virus ‘explosive’ spread throughout the Americas. The virus reportedly has the potential to reach pandemic proportions.  Oxitec first unveiled its large-scale, genetically-modified mosquito farm in Brazil in July 2012, Nature finds a way — and the effort to control dengue, zika, and other viruses, appears to have backfired dramatically.


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Zika seemingly exploded out of nowhere. Though it was first discovered in 1947, cases only sporadically occurred throughout Africa and southern Asia. In 2007, the first case was reported in the Pacific. In 2013, a smattering of small outbreaks and individual cases were officially documented in Africa and the western Pacific. They also began showing up in the Americas. In May 2015, Brazil reported its first case of Zika virus — and the situation changed dramatically.

zika-microcephaly-300x193Brazil is now considered the epicenter of the Zika outbreak, which coincides with at least 4,000 reports of babies born with microcephaly just since October.

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Is the dreaded Zika virus another giant scam?

Is the dreaded Zika virus another giant scam? by Jon Rappoport January 28, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix , click here .) Hysteria sells and… It’s hysteria time again.

“Okay, boys, here’s what we do.  We’ve got this old virus called Zika.  It’s been around for 60 years that we know of.  It never caused anything serious.  A real dud.  But we’ve got to explain all these babies born with small heads and brain damage.  We’ve got to protect some important people and shield them from heavy blame.  So let’s bring back Zika.  Even though very few mothers who give birth to babies with defects have the dud-virus, we can finesse that.  People are idiots.  So let’s build up Zika into a terrifying killer.  Get our PR folks moving.  Spread some money around.  You know, the usual.  And we make out on the back-end with a Zika vaccine.”  READ MORE…

2 thoughts on “Zika virus 2016 Pandemic? Genetically engineered mosquito backfires

  1. Aspiequeens

    The real truth about Zika virus: AMericans are STUPID. People in third world countries are even STUPIDER. Believe everything the lame stream media (controlled by many diabolically inspired and compromised people who will someday answer to God, by the way)….Zika virus is a LIE. Do you really think all these mosquitos are flying around biting people? Really? Really? No people. No. Get off your cell phone. Turn off your TV. Think. Think. Think. It’s something the New World Order doesn’t want you to do. Yep, think. They want you stoned, drunk, stupid, poor, enslaved to their programs, without guns, without rights, you are living in very evil times people. Very evil. Expose what is evil. Stupid people like the Kartrashians, the TMZ fools, the idiots that follow Dr Oz, the morons that voted for Barack Hussein I mean wake up, seriously, you utter morons. Get UR heads outta UR a holes. Learn. Educate yourselves. Quit being SHEEP led to the friggin slaughter. And you pathetic weak pigs in the media who have no brains make us all sick. Aspies rule this world. We see your evil . We will expose it.

  2. Alex

    I suggest a worldwide contest to build a Mosquito egg trap which for example could consist of a black container placed in the shade that fills with water automatically giving a place for mosquitoes to lay eggs. The water would drain every 12 hours to ensure the eggs die on the ground.

    It should be cheaply reproducible and be able to be mass produced in the hundreds of millions and placed in locations so as to have a continuing impact against disease spread by mosquitoes.

    It would be more effective in countries with dry seasons.

    A genetically engineering solution will never get rid of all the mosquitoes and will cost more than a trap as well as have potential unwanted consequences.
    Alex Muir
    Chief Data engineer/architect

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