Dr. Burzynski: Cure for Cancer (Texas)

Dr. Burzynski has found the cure for cancer. He practices in Texas. The US government has attempted to indict him more than 5 times since 1976. Persecuted at the hands of the FDA with its long arm to the Texas Medical Board, Dr. Burzynski has withstood ALL challenges and continues to save lives today.
“If you had a choice between your last meal on earth and this film”buy this film“-Eileen Dannemann, founder of the Student Vaccine Liberation Army:

20 thoughts on “Dr. Burzynski: Cure for Cancer (Texas)

  1. Michael

    WOW! If ever confronted by this terrible disease I will seek out Dr.Burznski for his advice and treatment.

  2. Jane Mahaney

    If I ever was confronted with a cancer diagnosis, I would definitely do alternative treatments and forgo the conventional, cut, and burn.

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  4. Michael Burton

    I was diagnosed with Stage 4 RCC.
    And quite frankly I’m fed up with the system
    currently in place. My opinion is, if your
    Diagnosed with terminal cancer, you should
    Have a choice of how you wish to be treated.

  5. Pat Gaudette

    As a Nurse, I am sickened to learn what measures our government, FDA, and NIH went to put this cancer pioneer out of business. We know about the billions being made by the pharmaceutical industry. I’m a breaat cancer survivor, early stage, 6 cycles of three chemotherapeutics, luckily I survived them. My husband died of Lung Ca, suffered to the end. If only we knew of Dr. Burzynski and his cure. We live in the USA, where is the freedom granted by the Constitution? All the lost lives..

  6. Karen Jankovitz

    I was fine one day, some pain in my leg that my doctor blew off as aches and pains. I have stage 4 lung cancer, which is a guess at this point as the main origin has yet to be found. I have five tumors in brain, one on right femur, one under left arm pit, which was removed and brought to the attention of my MD. yet ignored. two behind the chest and none in my organs. how do you go from some leg pain to stage 4 cancer? in weeks. radiation and two different chemo drugs and the best they can tell me is 3 months to maybe a year. im 48 yrs old. midlife should be starting now, not at 24. fired from my job,unemplooyement ran out cause the jobs are coming back for some. denied disability. I will do my best to fight this thing, but I want to live not just exist.

  7. Trixie

    You can say that if you’re diagnosed with cancer you will seek Dr. Burzynski, but it’s not that easy. I understand that to avoid criminal charges, he was forced to agree not to treat anyone unless they’ve already exhausted conventional allopathic treatments and it failed. So, ultimately, you’d have to be near death. Also, you’d have to pay for it all yourself.

  8. Sandi Jones

    Count me in! I will do whatever I can to help fight this FDA battle. I just watched the movie and was horrified. I want Dr B to win! A win for Dr B is a win for humanity.

  9. Donna Harrington

    My 4 year old granddaughter has been diagnosed with Pre B ALL, a childhood Leukemia. It is known to respond well to chemo but holistic is definitely our first choice. Is there any way Dr B can help? How do I contact him? Is it now against the law to have my little one avoid the disastrous effects of chemo?

  10. Alma Burkhart

    BOTH my husband and i are cancer survivers, my sister was not so lucky except in the since she’s with our lord above. alot of people would go this route and for go the hell of cemo, radition and in my case radio active idine (tech131). but the goverment really gives us no choice. im sure this cost major money and lets face it the average person cant afford to go this route. they can only afford what insurance or medicaid pays for .(hence the goverment). I had insurance and the cost of co pays ,deductables, and transpartation was astronomical. i lived through it, my marriage didnt. but im proud he’s there for the ones who can afford him, im at 14 years remission and every day live in fear of the reocurance cause this time around thers not even ins.

  11. Rickie

    For the FDA and all the othe Govermental crooks to hold the doctors cure back from the American people is nothing short of Murder and they should all be jailed and made to under go chemo treatments themselves.

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  13. Me Trying

    Want to help Dr B?? DONATE so he can get thru phase 3 trials and bring his cure to market. Talk to your governors/senators. Get the word out about what the fda ,and dr friedman, is REALLY about.

  14. Nine Eleven IS AN InsideJob

    It has a HIGHER CURE RATE than what the US Govt. offers and after FIVE GRAND JURIES Dr Burzynski is now being faced with having the Govt BANNING him from treating and helping NEW PATIENTS.

  15. Phil Vollrath

    I am a 41 year old male that resides in Apollo Beach , FL. I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma and have been a patient at Moffitt cancer Center since 2010. Since then I contracted a blood infection last year and had to have open heart surgery to repair a valve at Tampa General Hospital. I have had all my lymphnodes resected in my left thigh, a splenectomy , and now this year a tumor removed from my brain. They have given me only one option and that’s chemotherapy. My research concludes that the chemo they are trying to get me to do is very toxic and I have refused treatment. I have since read about the Mexican clinic and heard about Dr. Burzynski. I am ready to go wherever and do whatever to live and watch my babies grow up. If there is a way to be treated by Dr. Burzynski I am ready and willing to travel to receive medical help from him. Please contact me on how to do so. I would greatly appreciate it.

  16. Blanca A Ferrizz

    I found out about Dr. Burzynski when my mother end stages of stomach cancer and had been sent home by none other than the famous Sloan Kettering, who only pumped her with poison, after being mis-diagnosed from the beginning and told she was stage 2 instead of the stage 4. I knew about Dr. John Chapell who lived and practiced in Virginia Beach, VA through my sister who was one of his patients many years ago and was cured by Dr. Chapell, I kept his office number for many years in my address book and called him when my mom got sick, and left a message in December 2014. His wife called me back and told me the sad news, that her husband, Dr. Chapell had passed away. Dr. Chapell was a great physician in alternative medicine, nutrition and I wholeheartedly believe in the power of alternative medicine and the few doctors and nutritionists that believe in helping and curing their patients. Sadly my mom passed away, slowly, unable to eat or drink anything because the doctors at Sloan decided that they would place a tube with bag attached to her stomach which did more harm than good. So I never believed in Western Medicine and the doctors that practice it and many believe themselves to be God and do not give a damn about the patients they are treating for any kind of illness.

  17. Editor Post author

    Thanks for your comments…Sorry what you had to go through…Yeah…it is a scary thing to be sick and to find a doctor that doesn’t kill you. I am in Mexico right now…found an Iranian (gal) Dentist who does zirconium “ceramic” implants (not metal and in one piece called cerraroot) and all sorts of other stuff. She worked six hours on me cleaning out a root canal and infection in my sinus. What a job! I was always concerned about finding a good old fashion doctor..but the education is now so bad. And I am finding that dentists can’t be trusted either.

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