1 thought on “Caribbean to vaccinate thousands of girls with HPV vaccine

  1. Kaija

    and if you”ve ever met a parent who”s lost a child to whooping cough BECAUSE OF OTHER CHILDREN THAT WEREN”T VACCINATED,says Greg Hunt There Is No Way Of Telling From Where A Child Caught / Contracted Whooping Cough. I have 5 childern All vaccinated ONLY MY 2 DAUGHTERS CONTRACTED WHOOPING COUGH. Not me . & I have NEVER been vaccinated. Not their eldest brother. Not their 2 younger brothers. Not their father who had never been vaccinated. Not my sister who had never been vaccinated. So either the whooping cough vaccine lay in wait being incubated in their bodies & blossomed into whooping cough / became full blown whooping cough disease in their bodies. OR Some vaccinated child at primary school who was a carrier infected them. Or diploma online

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