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Dr. Becker: Curing Cancer in Pets-good advice for humans too

This month’s real story features Anubis, a gorgeous 12-year old female Husky who, I am thrilled to report, is now breast cancer free!

Anubis Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer a Year Ago

In spring 2011, we discovered Anubis had mammary lumps. It turned out one was benign, but two were malignant (breast cancer). I needed to remove all the tumors, of course, but that wasn’t the end of it. I also needed to understand the underlying cause of the breast lumps so we could prevent a recurrence and return Anubis’s body to a state of balance. Since breast cancer is linked to estrogen levels, the first thing I did after diagnosing the lumps was measure her estrogen. She was at toxic levels.  Read More…

Dr. Becker, Mercola Pet Newsletter FEEDING YOUR PET RAW MEAT

Animals don’t cook! The dry and canned foods are over cooked and bereft of nutrition. Animal Hospitals, Pet Medications, sick animals with Asthma, ADHD, cancer is on the rise to the point that families are encouraged to get Pet Insurance. As in people, vaccines are causing chronic illness in companion animals. And as in humans a good diet is helping cope and mitigate problems due to immunizations. Raw Prey is what animals naturally eat.

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Complete article Mercola on Raw meat and your pets:

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Dr. Becker’s book: Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats

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Dr. Karen Becker is a holistic Vet in Illinois, author of Real Food for healthy dogs and cats, the star of Dr. Mercola’s Health pet newsletter  and a proponent of fresh, raw, organic meats. Her advice:  Feed a fresh food diet. It is the most important component to promote a long and healthy life for your animals.

The many different alternative modalities Dr. Becker uses to heal animals include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Chiropractic
  • Body Work/Massage
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Western Herbal Medicine
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Nutraceutical Therapy
  • Species Appropriate Nutritional Therapy

DR. BECKER: Animals who eat processed foods have maldigestion, enzyme deficient

Your companion animals must eat organic, raw meat for best health. If your pet is eating anything other than species-appropriate raw food, he or she most likely needs supplemental digestive enzymes. Today’s pet foods just don’t provide enough of the live and active enzymes your pet needs for optimal digestion. More information and where to buy