Dr. Becker: Curing Cancer in Pets-good advice for humans too

This month’s real story features Anubis, a gorgeous 12-year old female Husky who, I am thrilled to report, is now breast cancer free!

Anubis Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer a Year Ago

In spring 2011, we discovered Anubis had mammary lumps. It turned out one was benign, but two were malignant (breast cancer). I needed to remove all the tumors, of course, but that wasn’t the end of it. I also needed to understand the underlying cause of the breast lumps so we could prevent a recurrence and return Anubis’s body to a state of balance. Since breast cancer is linked to estrogen levels, the first thing I did after diagnosing the lumps was measure her estrogen. She was at toxic levels.  Read More…

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