Vaccine Liberation Army HACKED-The entire COVID year GONE

The Story:  VLA started some time about 10 years ago.  We created the sticker campaign and mobile advertising fleet (click picture of baby on the right)  that probably has distributed 1/2 million stickers, to date.  Regarding that….we have some rolls left if you want to order them.  However, the website has either been hacked or been corrupted by some failure at Go Daddy, our hosting platform.  Although back ups were saved so that the data from March 2020 to February 2021 should have been included, some how, the daily back ups did not save the entire Covid year. Hence, the entire Covid year is missing…gone.  One would think that if the back ups saved by Go Daddy were truncated, an automatic message notification of Failure would have been issued.  Go Daddy is saying that suddenly VLA did not have enough “resources” and so the daily the back ups copying apparatus stopped at a certain point, leaving off any post after March 2020 issuing a notice of “back up successful” despite not copying the current postings. If any tech guy can give me some feedback that confirms or denies that automatic back up technology will allow a back up to consistently drop a year of current posts and not issue a notification of failure, I would appreciate informing me. (

After speaking to more than 12 Go Daddy technicians, I hired a developer who confirmed that the last years data was not in the “saved” database.

Bottom line:  VLA will remain passive as is, since there are thousands of stickers out in the public and whose concern about childhood vaccinations is addressed in the many posts on the website prior to March 2020,

Painting above:  Self Portrait by Eileen Danneman AKA artist name….Aylya of the Light::))

VLA Comment: “Meditate with the little time you have left”

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