CANADA: TRUDEAU…no healthcare funding without DIGITAL ID

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau Threatens to Cut Off Healthcare Funding Unless Premiers Agree to Digital Health ID

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the federal government’s commitment to spend $196.1 billion on healthcare over the next ten years, which provincial premiers consider to be low. Trudeau met with all of the provincial premiers, and, according to reports, the proposal comes with the condition for digital ID data collection. Trudeau is trying to blackmail to get Canadians to sign up for Digital ID. Canadians will not be able to access any healthcare without these digital IDs. A critic wrote that once the system is in place, people will not be able to use bank account or do anything online regarding financial transactions, enter stores, shop online or get a Internet provider.

Meanwhile in the US, a coalition of private companies has released a “digital ID blueprint,” which urges individual states to adopt the policies necessary to establish a digital ID system.


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