Cyrus Parsa: Humanity’s Extinction-bioweapons, AI, Transhumanism within 30 years

The Documentary, below by Cyrus Parsa…The Plan to Invade Humanity has not been authorized to be.  Please forward $5:00 to the AI Organization (Cyrus Parsa) if you appreciate his documentary as much as I did.


Dr Madej reveals how Big Tech and Big Pharma, are fusing new technologies into injectable concoctions – deceptively described as vaccines – that permanently and irreversibly alter cellular DNA.

VLA COMMENT: In 1919, thereabouts, Rudolf Steiner talked about how vaccines will force the soul to separate from the body.  He also explained, in the language of his day, in his lecture, The 8th Sphere, the plan of Lucifer/Ahriman in extracting minerals from this plane and bodies to create their own planet. (China is certainly on that!) This is being done in this generation by Artificial Intelligence changing our DNA through vaccines and other tools so that the soul leaves.  In its place is the “digital” version of ourselves via the collection of the vast fields of Data by Google and other robotic, AI agencies and on and off planet entities.

3 thoughts on “Cyrus Parsa: Humanity’s Extinction-bioweapons, AI, Transhumanism within 30 years

  1. Steven Fishman

    The problem is that now that most people have been given the Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon, the nanotechnology of Glycogel causes transhumanism, where the victim no longer has control of human feelings and emotions, but becomes an unsuspecting soldier of control by artificial intelligence perpetrated by the global genocidal slave-masters producing, distributing, and coercing the sheeple to take the “vaccine,” until it comes to a point where the self-determinism of the victim is no longer available to him or her, making the victim an unconscious participant in the big lie of the state pushing depopulation and control over all aspects of mind and thought. Living in truth is great for we 25% or 30% at best who have refused to succumb to the Vaccine Holocaust, but now we are fighting against the 75% or 70% that have become enforcement arms of the tyrannical state. The most we can hope for to survive as a species since there is no cure for the death vaxx is to wait until the jabbed walking dead die off, which we are beginning to see already and will accelerate abysmally over the coming dark winter [from anaphylactic shock, clotting, lung paralysis and a host of mitochondrial cancers]. Regrettably, it means that ultimately, we, the unvaccinated, will have to share the world with the murderous elites who orchestrated the genocide, but the true hope is at that point, we will outnumber them and finally be able to achieve justice by guillotining all of them.

  2. Editor Post author

    Meet the Eschaton. It is time to make peace with the “apparency” of death. The soul is an eternal outpicturing of All there is. All rivers ultimately resolve in the Ocean. If I were to live as this Ahriman/Lucifer take over and AI takes hold, I would hope at some point to be able to jump to another timeline. It all about consciousness. In my case, I think it will be at that point of my apparent death, if I am so lucky.

  3. Guest

    If it is true the ones that have been jabbed are no longer in control over their own thinking process, that must explain why they seem to not acknowledge any truth when you try to have a conversation with them about the truth. It leaves me bewildered when this happens when I try to explain to them why I will not take the jab and what is really going on in the world. They are just flat not interested, not even curious. Very strange.

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