1 thought on “Second Nuremberg Trials are Beginning

  1. JonDoe

    So the real “pandemic” situation, is NOT just the “patented fake viruses” or their “patented fake vaccines,” being “spread” by the quotes “this program is being BROUGHT to you by Pfizer,” news gurus!
    It actually is the fact that most (97.1%) of the world’s “lawyers / attorneys,” go into “non-jury trial, pretended-courts,” against the murders, aka actual genocidalists / populational reductionists!

    Rather than doing “REAL” LAW, they do suey suey suits, which gives them a bigger return on their time spent! They don’t go into any “Criminal Trial Courts,” because they have a better chance to make a bigger money, for themselves, maybe some for the dead, and hopefully, if there are any survivors! But most of all, they still “seem” to really be nice, kindly, “CIVIL” people, going into cute little “civil court cases!”

    Sure happy we had REAL lawyers back, 75 Years ago, during the first real “Nuremberg trials,” who had CRIMINAL Charges against all the criminals, rather than “civil” suey, suey Piggy Pharma civil suits!

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