New York VLA Troopers

New York students becoming aware that vaccines are harming them and if they keep submitting to them without rebellion (civil disobedience), they will have more than 90 shots by the time they go to college. Message from VLA founder:  You  must seek from your school,  a “religious” vaccine exemption; you must convince them that you hold a strong belief that your body/mind is perfect having emanated from Divine Source; it heals all by itself without direction; and does not need the imposition of a pathogenic substance from “matter”;  You  stand in that faith!  Warning: You can’t get an exemption for any other reason-like there is proof that vaccines are harmful….it won’t fly!  PS. the flu shot has high levels of mercury-Mad as a Hatter.  The hatters in England, years ago, used to use mercury to stiffen the felt of the hats…the mercury was sucked into their fingers and they eventually went mad…hence, mad as a hatter.  You are expected to get 20 flu shots with mercury directly injected into your arm by the time you reach 19 years old. Hit “contact” on the home page to contact me and be on our list.  Join the Army and Facebook

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