Propaganda on Vaccines from Australia

VLA comments:  Do you think the $56 million dollars from Bill Gates has anything to do with propaganda like this. Or has anything to do with the rage against Dr. Tenpenny’s visit. Or has anything to do with Tony Abbott, Prime Minister passing a law that connects the loss of child social benefits if the child is not vaccinated. And they have the nerve to say that their are no vaccines with Thimerosal…just goes to show you what lies are in this propaganda piece.


4 thoughts on “Propaganda on Vaccines from Australia

  1. Richard Caruana

    Autistic child, Jake Hines kicked out of Campbelltown Hospital NSW AUSTRALIA 2015 for being … wait for it… Autistic… Jake and his mother eventually got an apology from the Hospital see article below

    It would be nice to get Autistic Parents and their children to arrange a March for Autism Awareness to explore the experiences of others and give them a way to share experiences and help others. Autism and ASD are on the rise about 1:160. Pro-SAFE vaccine people and Anti-Vaccine people have concerns that whistleblower from the USA’s CDC ( Center for Disease Control & Prevention) are misleading the public about the link between Autism and Vaccines says Dr William Thompson whistleblower from the CDC..
    More Doctors and Medical Professionals are coming forward revealing disease is spread by vaccinated people, Vaccinated people get sick because half those vaccinated are not immunised by their vaccinations. 5 to 15 % of people vaccinated are never immunised so they are called NON-RESPONDERS and can NEVER be immunised.
    Nobel Prize Winner Alexis Carrel says on vaccines… YES A NOBEL PRIZE WINNER for Medicine
    A Nobel Prize winner agrees with Dr Mark Hyman.. Alexis Carrel when he said….For Example, Alexis Carrel, (Nobel Prize winner 1912 for Physiology or Medicine) who said “The years of life which we have gained by the suppression of diphtheria, smallpox, typhoid fever, etc., are paid for by the long sufferings and the lingering deaths caused by chronic affections, and especially by cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.” from ‘Man, the Unknown

    YES A NOBEL PRIZE WINNER so take note …
    Another CIA, FBI, NTSB cover-up the TWA-800 plane crash 1996 over New York killing all 230 souls on board
    200 witnesses were not allowed to have their testimony recorded.
    3 missiles downed the plane. The new radar evidence was disallowed by the NSTB when the victims family members applied to have the crash re-investigated
    …more proof that the real issue is not Public Safety but is really to have a legal aveune to the veins of Political dissenters who expose Government Corruption so that MIND CONTROL agents can be forcefully used on them as a form of intimidation and MIND CONTROL.
    Court cases have two sides
    Constitutional Law is being breached when Government denies us the opportunity of an open forum
    for peaceful debate.

    Any child harmed by these new NO JAB NO PAY Laws will be a breach of the UN Charter for the Rights and Protection of children.

    Making Medical Doctors breach their Hippocratic Oath is a crime against humanity (Flu vaccine killed 13 in Italy December 2014)
    Italian Court case found link between Autism and Vaccines..
    We should have a referendum to make vaccine companies like Glaxo-Smith-Kline liable to prosecution for damages caused by vaccines. They have nothing to fear if vaccines are SAFE like they pretend them to be… remember tobacco and lung cancer ?????
    remember asbestos and mesothelioma ??????????? how long did it take scientists to prove the links 30 years TOO LONG …

  2. Richard Caruana

    After your kid dies or bleeds from their POISON they then investigate you and say you are the ABUSIVE PARENT… DOUBLE JEOPARDY ..

    No Thanks
    IT IS JUST NAZI MIND CONTROL they really want.
    Soon they will be giving us all FUN-VAX developed by the Pentagon THINK-TANK

  3. Richard Caruana

    Should we pass a law to give amnesty from prosecution to all those who whistleblow on Medical FRAUD and expose the link between Autism and vaccines ? Should this be a 7 year AMNESTY ?

  4. Richard Caruana

    Should we pass a law to give amnesty from prosecution to all those who whistleblow on Medical FRAUD and expose the link between Autism and vaccines ? Should this be a 7 year AMNESTY ?
    Should we offer the first 10 whistleblowers to come forward with legal and indisputable evidence, a reward of $250 000 each ?

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