2 thoughts on “Dr.Paul G.King collection of papers on Thimerosal dangers & more

  1. Jill Wolfe

    Dr King
    Does your group know where to order Rubella vaccines without Thermisol et al? As of yet i have not been able to find it. If not, does your group follow or have a blog or board where people list if they have children currently with measles mumps etc so others may visit and ‘catch’ the disease for life long immunity?
    I have a non (never) vaccinated 22 yr old daughter…we need to find a way to protect her thru her child bearing years…as of yet she is not pregnant but wants to be in the next few years. So now would be a good time to either expose her or get her the vaccine minus the garbage and given in less amount over longer period of time..i have a DR to get it and do it if i can find where to get it from…i would appreciate any help, advice or direction you can offer. I would prefer she be exposed to the german measles as I have arthritis and do not want her to get the vaccine due to the propensity for it triggering arthritis…especially in those genetically predisposed….
    However; she does need protection during her child-bearing years

    Thank you
    Jill Wolfe RN

  2. William Hewitt

    AVM Biotechnology is committed to manufacturing a GREEN vaccine (NO aborted fetal cell DNA or retroviruses. They could substitute 2 Phenoxyethanol for mercury and reduce aluminum load but they will
    need all the support and backing they can get.

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