FETAL Stem Cells: Amazing recovery from MS, Parkinson, Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis

Thou didst weave me in my mother’s womb.
Psalm 139.13


VLA Comment: A biblical scholarly and evangelical consideration on abortion and the Bible is an overdue discussion  “Knowledge is structured in consciousness”…who is awake enough to interpret the Bible rightly?  

Ayumater: Soul Enters the Whom

Ayumater – an amazing compilation by Elizabeth and Neil Carman of the perspectives of different cultures on when the soul enters the body.  This conversation is drawn from worldwide historical texts provoking an overdue discussion in light of the science of stem cell research using fetal tissue.  Read more…


Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Christian Clairvoyant, founder of the Waldorf schools, and biodynamic agriculture:  ” The ego enters the womb two to three weeks following fertilization, around the seventeenth day”.  Lecture

Sri Aurobindo:

  • Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram — Developed souls prepare for human birth with great care. When exactly such a conscious being enters into the earth atmosphere differs from case to case. At times it enters into the atmosphere of the parents before conception, especially if there is an aspiration, a call in them for a high birth. At other times it enters at conception and directs the formation of the body according to its requirements. Or it may enter at birth of the physical body.
  • If the soul is of a very high order, it may send an emanation of itself which hovers around its chosen body and closely follows its physical growth. Only after the body has attained sufficient maturity of development does the soul descend into the body. Until that time, the soul remains in the higher mental region or the vital or subtle-physical world, watching and governing the growth of its chosen embodiment.


The soul appears to be composed of different layers like an onion. So the soul’s entry into the womb is a step-by-step process.

The fetus becomes mature enough to house one or more dimensions of the soul before others. The incarnating soul who is coming from a spiritual realm where it lived free of time and space apparently requires time to adapt to the physical world. The soul therefore gradually enters into physical form. Early in pregnancy the soul may be 30% in the fetal body. When the fetus is mature enough to survive on its own and takes its first breath, the fetus houses all the soul’s dimensions and the soul is 100% in the body.


VLA Comment on the scientific use of aborted physical vehicles:

Through the mothers who do choose abortion, souls, having been separated from their physical vehicle at an early stage may very well be incarnating for the specific purpose of sacrificing their physical vehicle and current incarnation for the purpose of healing humanity—that is, temporally, descending to earth, in a mission of love and sacrifice, in a cosmic consideration of the current horrific chronic diseases that mankind is experiencing in this epoch. Who is to say that this is not so?

There are many highly evolved metaphysicians who claim the bible confirms that the soul hovers overhead while the physical vehicle is being prepared within the womb and that, by and by, as the pregnancy advances, the soul “weaves” itself with the physical vehicle.  “Considering the Bible’s language, “Thou didst weave me in my mother’s womb”, Psalm 139.13, it behooves the Christian community to consider the possibility of subphysical soul contracts.   There are those mothers of humanity who have the impulse to terminate a pregnancy. Who can say that  the impulse does not come from an agreement, a mutual spiritual contract, with the incarnating soul whose purpose it is to sacrifice its physical vehicle and immediate incarnation for the sake of those existing and living humans who need help and healing?  Surely, there are a variety of impulses, perhaps many, not falling into this higher category.  However, in any case, in the spirit of suspending judgment, we can provide these aborted physical vehicles to science for the potential betterment of those who are already incarnated and have life debilitating chronic conditions like MS, Parkinson, Cancer, Muscular Dystrophy.….Eileen Dannemann

Society must have this discussion, considering, in light of the miraculous documentation in this film, by Eric Merola, the beneficial use of the the aborted physical vehicle.




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