USA have been using secret nuclear weapons: Not depleted uranium, but “Enriched Uranium”: Prof. Chris Busby

Professor Chris Busby of the University of Ulster (GO Ireland!): Evidence suggesting that “Enriched” Uranium weapons (as opposed to depleted uranium antitank weapons which are bad enough) were used in Fallujah causing major birth defects, mutations and likely radioactive blowback contamination of US troops whose offspring now have high incidences of birth defects compatible with radiation poisoning of reproductive organs. Enriched uranium weapons are top secret and illegal because they are technically a poison gas and antipersonell weapons and therefore constitute international war crimes.

Mysterious deaths of US soldiers in Bagdad. NATO experts tend to believe result from direct exposure to powerful nuclear radiations of the sophisticated B-2 bombs used in the war on Iraq, particularly in striking Iraqi Republican Guards forces who deployed to defend the vicinity of Baghdad airport. Read more…

5 thoughts on “USA have been using secret nuclear weapons: Not depleted uranium, but “Enriched Uranium”: Prof. Chris Busby

  1. Clint Richardson

    This is not the United States. This is NATO. The United States is only one of 28 countries in NATO. And this is the problem…

    No international war crimes can take place if the entirety of the international power-house is involved.

    The United States can claim innocence, as it is acting within NATO international laws.

    Authorization for these weapons don’t come from the United States congress. It comes from either the Washington Treaty (treaties have power over the constitution) or from United Nations mandates in accord with other countries or “Non-governemntal Organizations”.

    This is just one of 1,000 Agenda 21 based reasons that the United States should not be committing treason by joining an international body like the United Nations. We are no longer America, but part of the collective.

    There will be no trial for this except an international one, by the same organization who allows it to happen in the first place.

    Only the people can stop this. But they watch sitcoms…

  2. Dennis F. Nester

    Changing the words does not ‘change’ the results of using depleted or enriched uranium. We all eat, drink and breathe invisible, deadly radioactive fallout since 1945. Everyone’s DNA is already contaminated to some degree. Test the air filters in your car and house! Is the air you breathe UN air and exempt because I poisoned it with DU? Or should I have used Zyclon B to delouse you and just ‘follow orders’.

  3. Erwin Alber

    I wholeheartedly agree with the previous comments. As Alan Watt says: “The psychopaths at the top impose a psychopathic culture on the rest of us.” One could also add that we have been brainwashed to the point that most of us accept this profoundly sick society as “normal”, regardless of the fact that we actually live in what amounts to a mental asylum run by its worst inmates. It is a sad indictment of the society we live in that killing people (namely the armament inductry) has become the world’s biggest industry.

    Then, there is vaccination, which is a multi-billion dollar global criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science. Most parents have been brainwashed to the point where they willingly take their babies and children to be injected in accordnace with the government-recommended vaccine child poisoning schedule, which is really a thinly disguised biochemical warfare programme aimed at the civilian population (us!).

    The term “to decimate” comes from the practice (in the Roman army) of executing every tenth soldier when standing in a row, if there was a mutiny or insurrection of some sort. If this seems ruthless, keep in mind that the genocidal agenda currently in place aims at reducing the world population to one tenth of its current size. The psychopaths at the top should in my opinion lead by example and commit voluntary suicide, but I dare say that this is unlikely to happen.

  4. Jeffrey

    Good! You’re beginning to understand how irredeemably demented these monsters are.

    The Rothschild/Zionist goal is to put an end to wild reproduction.

    Another excellent interview with Dr. Busby on the deadly effects of radiation with particular attention to the planet changing effects of the sabotaged Fukushima Daiichi power complex is here”

    If you have trouble with that url Google “Theo Chalmers and Dr. Chris Busby”

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