Veterans: Circa 50% of the 1,094,502 Veterans leaving active duty are ILL, VERY ILL

Analysis of VA Health Care Utilization among Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and  Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Veterans–

Provided to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Environmental Epidemiology Service/ \October 12, 2009  See Powerpoint…

•1,094,502 OEF and OIF Veterans have left active duty and become eligible for VA health care since FY 2002

–52% (573,404)   Former Active Duty troops

–48% (521,098)   Reserve and National Guard

Military/vaccinations-psyche drugs-depleted uranium-debilitating chronic illness

Military kids taking more psychiatric drugs

Soldier committing suicide on Psyche drugs labeled “suicidal”(2 posts)

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