1 thought on “Fake News: Pizzagate (think again) Alt Journalist speaks out!

  1. Bob Lockwood

    Is pizzagate real? Not sure but there are a lot of things that make you think something suspicious is going on here. This makes it hard to trust the people in our current government. At the time of writing this that would be Obama, Dems and RINOS. I think a lot of things are going to come to light when a real adult takes charge that isn’t involved in all the back room deals that the public doesn’t see. I think even Trump is going to be shocked at all of the things he is going to encounter with the corruption in the system. He is not a politician so he has no clue how “Things get Done” in Washington, under a cloak of secrecy. All of the politicians think Trump won’t do what he campaigned on because in their world NO ONE DOES WHAT THEY CAMPAIGN ON! That’s not what the campaign is for in their minds, it’s just to fool the American people into voting for them. They are in for a rude awakening on Jan 20th.

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