Vedic Astrology message to Trump

Vedic Astrology:  Trump with moon/ketu conjunction can understand this message. This message will bring his understanding to a cosmic level which will help him justify his response to the current situation, like no other recommendation as done.

Rahu (attack) is aspecting Jupiter (wisdom, the guru). Trump is a Rahu/Sun/Mars powerhouse. He can recognize Rahu’s influence…he knows the rough, powerful frequency well.
He has the impulse to defend and attack that which is attacking him personally. HOWEVER…COSMICALLY it is simply Rahu attacking Jupiter (wisdom and guru) in his natal chart. But it can easily be overcome.
He must be informed not to take it “personally”. But to rise above it as it is a “cosmic principle battle”. He has the mind easily to see it this way and it would be important to remind him. This will help him very much to metabolize and feel authentic about a response in a “jupiterian way”, not a RAHU violence. He can see the choice if presented in this wayl
Let him rise upward to the cosmic level (as opposed to its apparent manifestation as personal) and see that it is Rahu attacking Jupiter.
How should he handle this? IDENTIFY WITH JUPITER, the guru, in Christianity- the Christ. Aware of this cosmic situation, he should reflect, How a Christ, Jupiter, the Guru would respond? “
An example in “principle”
“All right, all right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” … He who is without sin among you let him be the first to throw a stone”. Would Christ Jesus (Jupiter) attack?
Trump can recognize the difference between those two opposed cosmic frequencies, if he is aware of this, as I have pointed out. He is in a big transit move… moving from one cycle to the other…from Rahu (as he has behaved powerfully and roughly)to get to where he is today…19years) to Jupiter Dasa (the next 16 years). He has the intelligence to declare within himself to put Rahu behind him as he makes this major change from Rahu to Jupiter. In other words, jump now into the Jupiter frequency. He has a great mercury (intelligence) he can PIVOT into the Jupiter frequency purposefully at this important juncture of change in his chart.

I Ching for the Donald: K’an / Dangerously Deep

Water follows Water, spilling over any cliff, flowing past all obstacles, no matter the depth or distance, to the Sea.

The Superior Person learns flexibility from the mistakes he has made, and grows strong from the obstacles he has overcome, pressing on to show others the Way.
You are facing a crucial trial along your Journey.
The danger of this challenge is very real.
It is a test of your mettle.

If you can maintain your integrity and stay true to your convictions, you will overcome.

That’s not as easy as it seems when you are faced with the sacrifice of other things you’ve come to depend upon or hold dear.

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