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  1. Tony Ryan

    I consider that Klinghardt unreasonably ascribes autism to causes already proved to implicate antibiotics, vaccines, MSG, nutrient deficiencies, and several other factors; many of which can be traced to positions on the autism-spectrum genesis of 1950 whereas electromagnetic applications present a very different growth curve time line. The very variable spectrum of autism disorders points to multiple causes. My objection to this exclusivist electromagnetic focus is that it is easy to disprove, thereby holding the autism prevention lobby up to ridicule. I would be asking, is protection from electromagnetic contamination the source of Klinghardt’s income? If so that woud explain this hyper-focus.

    However, what Klinghardt says is very interesting and educational. I for one will heed the message.

  2. Hewa Nenki

    Dears friend, thanks for exposing what dr. Klingardt has to say about EM exposure. But along with his studies, how come he doesn’t know anything about the HAARP gigawatts ultimate weapon in Alaska. Dr. Nic Begich has denounced the effects of HAARP on the environment and human psyche since it’s first day in action 1996. I would suggest that chemtrails (wich is part of the control program) has also a big part to play in the increase of fungi and micro organisms of all sorts (morgellon) in the air and inside human body. The doctor is missing out on these aspects of the poppulation kontrol and mind kontrol of the sheeple. Please wake up. Thanks for reading me.
    In frienship, Hewa Nenki. (Quebec native).

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