3 thoughts on “Which Potato do you want to eat? CHILD’S POTATO EXPERIMENT GOES VIRAL

  1. Beth

    I enjoy potato chips. can’t eat just on. the “sweet heat” is delicious. just the right spiciness to it. “craw tater” have more zing to it, but hard on the gullet for me. the ruffles hold up better to dip .love that sour cream and chives. and my spicy mexican cheese dip. heat that dip up and yummy with a bottle of ice cold coke. of course this is all eaten in moderation. the kids like potato chips but are limited to a bag each. the single bag. I have a potato plant growing. I make sweet potato fries, but candied yams are awesome. the Maharishna has a huge organic farm on their university campus. eggshells and all the scrap foods left to decompose is great fertilizer. but we used horse and chicken manure mainly in the garden. I have a lemon tree which produces navel orange size lemons, all from 1 little seed my mom planted. but I never fertilize it my parents use to try to cut it down a few times to the point of digging the trunk and roots up,(neighbor complained it was shading her garden) anyways it keeps coming back. so it was meant to stay. the leaves smell great, but the thorns will cut. and the sparrows know this cause many nests are built in that tree.

  2. Dr. Leo Rebello

    Good girl… Good experiment…
    Bud Nip chlorpropham or any other chemicals or fertilisers sprayed do not remain on the surface but go inside the vegetables and these chemicals are deadly and why we need to go organic is her message. Wish other children could be as well informed and ingenious as her. Thanks little girl.

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