4 thoughts on “911 FABULOUS 5 minute take on the ridiculous notion that 911 was terrorist orgination

  1. sstorch

    for the real story check out the work of dr. judy wood… the planes, the sqibbs from ‘controlled’ demolition were all a distraction from the fact that ‘the powers that were’ used space based directed energy weapons on that day to turn those building into dust….
    this was an operation run by the british banksters and saudis….
    the losers in the white house were merely complicit ‘yes’ men…
    who else has that kind of money and access…
    really a bunch of cowards….
    they need H’Oponopono
    “i love you, it is my fault, i am sorry, i thank you”
    [that is also the best thing to say when you are getting water boarded]

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