Drones: Bill HR658 passed-30 Thousand Drones over America

HR 658, the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act, has just passed both the House and the Senate which authorizes the use of 30,000 spy drones over America by the year 2015?

That is 30-THOUSAND drones flying overhead, surveying the US. If you divide that by 50 states, that is 600 drones per state! Read More…

Police deploy mini weaponized drones over Texas.  Read more…

2 thoughts on “Drones: Bill HR658 passed-30 Thousand Drones over America

  1. Jerry Loper

    All the laws being passed are against us, the american citizen. Texas cops did not put drones out for safety, it was to spy on citizens, who ever was in charge should be tried for treason. Obama and most in the so called government houses need tried for treason. New York passed a lot of bogus gun laws lately going against Ex Post facto laws. My attitude is if they want the guns they should get the ammo first. Come to my door that will be a no no on their part. Adolf Hitler used his flunkies to collect weapons also.

    Name is Jerry Loper, I head up NY State Militia.

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