2 thoughts on “Facing 75 year prison sentence for recording police in public

  1. Jenny Goddard

    If we the people allow this particular state, or any other state to carry out these “fake” laws,
    then we will get the fascists state we deserve.
    They do not want the people to become aware of the bullying and inhuman treatment by these psychopaths in uniform.
    Below is a comment from another blog about the way we are heading, and I could not have put it better myself, so I hope the writer will not be offend if I offer up his truths.

    This type of legislation didn’t just happen overnight. All of this has been built for generations, even centuries. What possible change are you or anyone else going to make to keep this from happening? Just like every other threat to civilization and human existence, if challenged they will simply table it, wait, and then pass it when you aren’t looking, like say Christmas Eve in a special, closed session. Then what are you going to do, say “not fair!’ and ‘we shouldn’t stand for this’ and ‘somebody ought to do something!’?
    The people perpetrating all of this will never be satisfied until every single life’s moment of the sheep and dogs they claim ownership over are under their unbridled and complete control. They actually think this is possible, and it is, but only under the direct consent of the sheep and the dogs. If people admit their role as subservient and incompetent, needing all of their liabilities cared for by strangers with no feelings or care, strangers with outright disgust for us savages, then the exact thing they are planning will come to their fruition.
    Why is it that some strangers in a strange land write down some legalese mumbo jumbo and suddenly the entire populace of the earth is bound by it? Under that circumstance, any stranger can write you into slavery in an instant simply by raising the right flag and convincing you that you are under their authority.
    How is it that any law is instant contract? Can strangers just write contract in your name and bind you to it as they feel? The Federal government can. So can the United Nations. And therefore so can any group of rich men and corporations that damn well feels like it. It all happens because of consent of the governed. The governed consent to let a rogue government like Federal or a completely fraudulent authority like the UN do anything they want, while pissing on the constitution or any semblance of human or natural rights. The governed do this our of ignorance, fear, greed, and a self centered ego driven mind that has been carefully cultivated by its masters since birth.
    …You can fasten a chain to an elephant and after a short time the elephant will stop trying to break it. After that point, you can fasten a piece of twine and although the elephant could easily break it and escape, the animal will not because it has been conditioned to believe there is no escape. We are animals that have stopped looking for escape, and instead are looking for ways to improve the circumstances of our cage…
    Challenging all of this, fighting it, shaking your fist at it, writing letters and faxes and planning your insignificant and worthless votes is only lending energy to the system, both physical and mental (and spiritual, but lets not go too far here). Each participant empowers that which is fiction. Government is not real, it cannot and will not exist if people (life) stops giving life to it. We the people animate it, and right now we are animating it to our certain enslavement and the eventual death of all life bigger than a golf ball on this planet.

  2. Carl

    This law is an unconstitutional affront to our liberties. There is no victim involved, and all victimless crimes are not really crimes. No one got hurt, killed, or defrauded here.

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