4 thoughts on “Infowars interview with Dr. Tenpenny: “We are heading towards Medical Tyranny”

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  2. Anna

    Look into Adya Water….. please research it….. my website http://www.pregnanteatinghealthy.com …. as a high school teacher I was written up by Administrators, parents have called complaining… the Agency for Medicaid and Medicare lodged a complaint to my employer in 2014 because of one complaint from one of the clients at the birth center who chose to lie about my activities to promote “informed Consent” and instead said I was forcing them to fill out Vaccine Exemption forms… North Houston Birth Center received a grant from AABC… American Association of Birth Centers… who was awarded federal monies … this money is funded by Medicaid and Medicare… we are the only birth Center in Houston that takes Medicaid… thank you

  3. Dr Viera Scheibner

    I think that the US (and other industrially developed countries) has already a fully fledged medical tyranny. I refer the readers to an article by Richard Smith, a former editor of BMJ (British Medical Journal), titled “Is the pharmaceutical industry like the mafia?” as a foreword to Peter Gotzsche’s book “Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime. How Big Pharma Has Corrupoted Healthcare”.

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