Melinda Gates’ 2015 Agenda (video Huff Post Live)





Mobile Phones for all Africans (two phones)




Terrorism-stronger military

Population Control

HPV vaccines shipping to Africa

Climate Change

Global Citizen (Agenda 21)  (to read the Gates letter and become a Global Citzen)


VLA Comment:   She starts with mobile phones (their business); then vaccines; the GMO (drought resistant crops); next…farmer needs a phone too both men and women..two phones per family):  Here comes “Education”…I am sure it will be lots of virtual video education which Gates is behind so they can educate the populations to be in lock step with Global agenda;  Now women and girls issue..wonder if HPV vaccine will be advocated?  We are up to violence now….eradicating violence. Terrorism;  She is now emphasizing a stronger military for Nigeria.  Interviewer mentions-USA higher mortality rate…Gates  answers it by saying the pregnant women should go to clinics more often as if that is the cause of USA higher infant mortality rates.  Not mentioned is that  we are the most vaccinated country in the world and have one of the worst infant mortality rate). Population Control: Pregnancy…contraceptives…abortions.  She says that they should “space out their pregnancies”, as if this is the cause of infant morality in the United Sates as opposed to the 53 vaccines by the time the child is six years old (4 in utero).  In the 1940’s women were having 7 to 9 children…and they were not vaccinated much and they did not die and they certainly weren’t “spaced out”.

OHHH…HERE COMES THE HPV 12 years old and “we are getting them out to Africa” . Feminism…boys should be on par with boys…(support for HPV for boys).  Now CLIMATE CHANGE is a reality!  Sign up to be a GLOBAL CITIZEN (Agenda 21?) 

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