Michigan DNR force family farmers to kill their pigs

In an attempt to “standardize” pigs so that the big boys can control the market, just like in the case of raw milk vs. the Dairy industry, the Michigan DNR has sent its swat team to the farms in Michigan to wipe out the small family farmers furry herd. The reason they are “furry” is because they spend their time out in the light and nuzzling in the ground – naturally reared pigs. Unfortunately for them, right now, they do not look naked, pink and bold like pigs in Confined Animal Feeding Operations which we call Pigs on Ex-Lax.

The Pig stakeholder have cloned and GMO pig patents (Enviropig) in the wings ready to standardize, claim complete ownership and monopolize the market with biotech livestock. Meanwhile, there appears to be a plan to kill off the “natural” competition.

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