Police Brutality: Cop breaks HS students arm-SNAP

Student spends 13 days in jail for having an EMT pocket knife in the trunk of his car

“Let’s ruin a good kid’s life for nothing”

Woman held down on hot asphalt by Police burning and disfiguring her leg




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1 thought on “Police Brutality: Cop breaks HS students arm-SNAP

  1. Marie

    Yes, it looks as if we are now a police state. Wasn’t it because of unfair treatment by Britain that the colonists revolted? That was the beginning of America as an independent nation. But now our own country is becoming an unjust dictatorship and a police state.
    I hope the parents of the boy whose arm was broken will sue the police department, and that the officer loses his job.
    As far as arresting someone for having a pocketknife, I never heard of anything so crazy or ridiculous. And how did anyone search his car? Was there a search warrant? I hope this student changes his mind about joining the military.

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