1 thought on “Situation Room-Cafferty File: Tell us the truth about Iraq

  1. Jenny Goddard

    Very interesting Report,and more so because Jack says it like it is, and very good replies from the public…
    We are not all dumb and stupid…
    It would seem that the USA is now going Gun Ho for Iran,the sanctions are the start of it!
    And really , what the bloody hell is that about, what have they done wrong to incur the wrath of the USA? answer, Nothing….
    They are being set up for the final take over of the middle East by the very powerful people who really control the world, these evil bastards want a world war 111, and they know they could start it with Iran..
    It is about oil, but it is also more about total world domination and control, if millions perish, then, for the elite, its all about the culling of the worlds people, down to 2 billion, all part of a long held plan, taken from the ELDERS OF ZION, and though considered fake, it is so accurate, you would have to be living in la la land not to believe it, but then again, I guess millions are!

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