Whistleblower Journalist Michael Hastings murdered (June 2012) 33 years old

michaelhastingsWhat killed Michael Hastings…It was not just an accident. Here is an idea…Read Blog

Written by Jim Stone

“For all 3 of those normal reasons, which account for virtually all car fires in modern cars, the fire would have started in the engine compartment, progressed slowly, and scorched the hell out of the paint before ever reaching the gas tank. That clean paint is the be all tell all, Michael Hastings was murdered, and the rest is detail.”

More...this is sounding more and more like the shannigans of the shadow military as in the Boston Bomber case and so many other sudden suicides of whistleblowers.

“ Hard-charging, unabashedly opinionated, Hastings was original and at times abrasive. He had little patience for flacks and spinmeisters and will be remembered for his enthusiastic breaches of the conventions of access journalism. In a memorable exchange with Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines in the aftermath of the Benghazi attacks, Hastings’ aggressive line of questioning angered Reines. “Why do you bother to ask questions you’ve already decided you know the answers to?” Reines asked. “Why don’t you give answers that aren’t bullshit for a change?” Hastings replied. “


Read more: Journalist Michael Hastings, 33, Dies in a Car Crash | The Nation http://www.thenation.com/blog/174870/journalist-michael-hastings-33-dies-car-crash#ixzz2Z5G0VtBz

Article and clips of Hastings appearing on “Young Turks”


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