CIA: 5 former CIA-Expose film Secret weapons-Instant non-traceable heart attacks

Secrets of the CIA is a revealing 45-minute Turner Home Entertainment documentary available for free viewing at the link below. In this riveting exposé, five former CIA agents describe how their initial pride and enthusiasm at serving their nation turned to anguish and remorse, as they realized that they were actually subverting democracy and killing innocent civilians all in the name “national security” and promoting foreign policy agendas. Go to film

There are a couple of weapons that the CIA has at their disposal that most people have never dreamed of, let alone heard of. One is an electromagnetic type weapon used by CIA and off-budget deep black ops. Called the “Venus Technique Shooter“.  It puts out a small beam, and if you’re caught in that beam, it throws your heart into uncontrollable and wild oscillation; fibrillation; you have about 10 seconds to get out of the beam or you’ll die; autopsy will show “heart attack”. There is no way for a coroner to detect any fowl play as there are no drugs or chemicals needed and there are no signs of electrocution. This simply disrupts your heart beat and causes a heart attack.  (I bet they got Stanley Myers – the water car with that one).

Then there are Ice Darts. Ice Darts containing quiary(sp?) are fired from a special little gun, from close range of 3 to 4 feet.

This throws the heart into violent paroxysm, causing a heart attack. The dart from this secret CIA weapon can penetrate clothing and leave nothing but a tiny red dot on the skin. On penetration of the deadly dart, the individual targeted for assassination may feel as if bitten by a mosquito, or they may not feel anything at all. The poisonous dart completely disintegrates upon entering the target. The lethal poison then rapidly enters the bloodstream causing a heart attack. Once the damage is done, the poison denatures quickly, so that an autopsy is very unlikely to detect that the heart attack resulted from anything other than natural causes.

Sounds like the perfect James Bond weapon, doesn’t it? Yet this is all verifiable in Congressional testimony.

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  1. Albert

    that is why i dont want to join the CIA but for some dam reason i keep dreaming that i am a CIA agent doing some mission on russian or in the states… wtf

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