Personal Eco Distiller: Clean Water from Sea or Brackish Water


Eliodomestico is an open-source eco-distiller, running on solar power, to provide safe drinking water for people in developing countries. It’s a very simple way to produce freshwater, starting from sea or brackish water. The device produces 5 liters daily, through a direct solar-powered distillation process. Eliodomestico works without filters nor electricity, and requires minimal maintenance.  photos… read more…

1 thought on “Personal Eco Distiller: Clean Water from Sea or Brackish Water

  1. filtered water

    One place that you can check would be on the internet.
    While this itself is not harmful as we do breathe
    in substantial amount of oxygen in our normal process of inhalation, why drive
    out something that is good. We should keep ourselves and our future generation clean and tidy.

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