Vitamin K shot…not a vaccine…but has all the dangerous ingredients of a vaccine

Skip That Newborn Shot

– Phenol (carbolic acid – a poisonous substance derived from coal tar)

– Benzyl alcohol (preservative)

– Propylene glycol (better known as “edible” antifreeze)

– Acetic acid (astringent, antimicrobial agent)

– Hydrochloric acid

– Lecithin

– Castor oil

And Aluminum (100mcgs)


The manufacturer’s insert included with the shot includes the following warning:

Severe reactions, including fatalities, have occurred during and immediately after intravenous injection of phytonadione [synthetic Vitamin K] even when precautions have been taken to dilute the vitamin and avoid rapid infusion ….

The manufacturer’s insert is no exaggeration of the risks. On October 17, 2013, a case of anaphylactic shock in a newborn from the synthetic vitamin K shot was reported making the possibility of death from this shot a a very real side effect (source).


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