A Cry for Help!

3_RITALIN_DEESThis comment was placed on VaccineLiberationArmy.com on June 18, 2013.  Below is the response from the founder, Eileen Dannemann,


Dear Sir Madam

I agree that Psychiatry can cause more harm than good .

It not only stops people from being normal ,but makes them more agresive .

It causes sad lives and no one lives long with it .

You ill never stop it and I am sick of hearing people call me mental .

They live in fear some of them every day and lovely memories and minds demolished by aggressive treatments .

The doctors may feel they are helping but their are far too few people complaining about it .

A lot of the paitents are left disavled and nonoen is happy eith the end treatment .

Their are so many people complaining ,why is it still running .

They are not interested in what we say .We are a shut up nation .

No body is interested in if we like it or not .

Happy sad ,nothing .


Thank you.        VLA founder response

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