Attention All Students with ADHD, ADD, OCD, Bi Polar

20 Million Kids & Adolescents are labeled with “mental disorders”. There are no brain scans, x-rays, genetic or blood tests that can prove they are “mentally ill” yet they are labeled, stigmatized for life and dumbed down with psyche drugs.
This is a very UPLIFTING video presentation by the best psyche drug watchdogs in the

25 %
of all United States kids are on prescription drugs. Read article…

8 thoughts on “Attention All Students with ADHD, ADD, OCD, Bi Polar

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  2. hardtruth

    My take on all this is who says or implies we should obey?
    Do they think they are God? Everybody should take vaccines/ Who says, did you check there religion out? Maybe they are Satanist. Do you know?
    Maybe they are Zionist Talmudic Jews who hate Christians and gentiles and they found a cool way to kill us. Everybody are kids grown up, just kids. Money gives some great power over the populace but there just kids playing on the stage of society.
    I say if I open my bible and read that it says take vaccines, then I will take vaccines. You know what, Christ is not a kid, He’s been around for ages and ages. I follow Him not the Jews who hate Him. so do the Jews who love Him follow Him. Freak those Jews in power that Hate Him and wear there scull capes as an insult to Him. I will not follow them or dance to there song sheet. They can take there vaccine shots and stick it up there own buts.

  3. Tanesha Seremet

    I am just uncovering this online internet site by way of the Archos item and I can’t acquire the comprehensive online internet site to arrive to get from the positioning to load. we Just assumed you wants to know!

  4. symbian

    I genuinely appreciate this post. I have been seeking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I identified it on Bing. You might have created my day! Thx again

  5. Jenny Goddard

    I agree with much of what hard truth says….
    The hidden hand is at work here.
    Our children are being dumbed down in society, either with drugs, alcohol, electrical impulses from mobile phones, vaccination from infancy, and the TV, they are being manipulated to think a certain way by the music industry, Hollywood movies,pop icons,fashion industry, even the games they play are based on Military warfare and murder.
    Then we question why they go off the rails and take hard drugs that always seem to be in abundance on the streets (funny that, when you cannot get a packet of bicarbonate of soda through the airport!) Makes you wonder where they all come from, and I know what we are told to believe, were they come from.
    Funny also that the troops guarded the poppy fields in Iraq, for export by the CIA (all well documented, if one cares to look)
    I have always thought, if the Government did not want drugs on the street, they would not be on the streets.
    Every way possible our next generation is being attacked, to not be fertile, not be healthy, not be in full function of there own minds, and basically not to live long lives.
    People really need to read the proticols of Zion, it is all written down and happening including all three world wars planned in advance.
    This small book is 90 years old, but is so factual and acurate, that not to belive it means total denial of this reality and that makes us part of the problem, an exceptance of pure evil, running and controlling the world.

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