Charles L. Whitfield, MD: Psychiatric drugs as agents of Trauma

Charles L. Whitfield: Private Practice of Trauma Psychology, Psychiatry, and Addiction Medicine; Consultant and Research
Collaborator at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3462 Hallcrest Dr., Atlanta, GA 30319-1910, USA and Board of Directors of the Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence, Baltimore, MD, USA
Tel.: +404 843 3585; E-mail:

International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine 22 (2010) 195–207  Read study…

Excerpt from  Conclusion: These effects of psychiatric drugs are so common and detrimental to the patient that they can no
longer safely or accurately be called “side effects”. Instead, they are more appropriately called toxic

Excerpt from abstract: These drug effects can be and are often so detrimental to the quality of life among a distinct but significant minority of patients
that they can no longer be considered trivial or unimportant. Instead, they are so disruptive to many patients’ quality of life that
their effect becomes traumatic, and are thereby agents of trauma. These observations and preliminary data may encourage others
to look into this matter in more depth.

Why are some people prone to suicide and homicide and increasing psychosis and some not?  Read Dr. Yolande Lucire’s study in pharmacogenetics in which she studies 140 homicidal personalities…a riveting work...must read…

2 thoughts on “Charles L. Whitfield, MD: Psychiatric drugs as agents of Trauma

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  2. Evelyn

    I got on Effexor for anxiety .it kills all emotion.i was told I needed to up the dose.instead I weaned myself off…it was not easy to stop …now ACA and coda meetings decreased anxiety maybe 90 percent!!

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