1. Maureen McDonnell, RN

    This is a powerful video that should be shown at every medical school and every grammar and high school. Teachers, health care providers, parents should know that by labeling kids with psychiatric disorders, the sales of pharmaceuticals have soared. check this out:

    700% increase in amphetamine use in children since 1970

    580% increase in antidepressants children under 6 from 1995-1999.

    Anti-pyschotics meds have increased by 300% in children under 18

  2. Cindy

    It seems like there’s a gap in the generations that once was and is now….I think the word would be LAZY…..kids having kids and have or are to LAZY to take care of their kids so therefore, when any body shows an interest in doing things their way with some one else’s child, The parent is to LAZY to do any thing different. Don’t EVER let some one else lead your child to a world of DRUGS….STAND THE HELL UP!!! Fight for what is right…..get back to what your generation before you was about…maybe it’s 2 generations before you…..IT’s MOTHER NATURE and food that is NOT contaminated and NO VACCINES will ever be NEEDED….

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