New Jersey bill cuts parents out of mental health decisionmaking


The Hoboken Patch and PolitickerNJ reported that the New Jersey State Senate has unanimously passed a bill that would allow children to “consent” to psychiatric or psychological treatment of any kind without the consent — or even the knowledge — of their parents.

“The bill now awaits final legislative approval by the General Assembly,” reported the Hoboken Patch. The new text has been added to a bill that already authorized minors to confidentially consent to treatment for venereal diseases and substance abuse.  read more…

VLA COMMENT: Vote No on this bill as you would vote no on seeking abortions without parental knowledge or the HPV vaccines that is touted as a sexual safety drug and fosters the concept and facility of  under age “safe sex”,   without parental knowledge.  And now following this trend legislators are asked to give access to drugs without parental knowledge.

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