VLA Comment: Common Core education is the new curriculum being foisted on the states (via funding threats). It is designed to educate (program) our new generation of Americans into a common mind set. Considering our children are injected with as many as 54 toxic vaccine doses by the age of six, then given psychiatric drugs to mitigate the problems caused by the damage done by the vaccines, the Federally directed mind control education actually may not work. Our children’s mind and body are pre-set for chronic illness and mental confusion. Ritalin and Adderall are pervasive use amphetamines. 25% of American children are on Ritaline, Adderall and other psyche drugs such as Concerta, Paxil, Prozac…you name it. 10,000 toddlers are on psyche drugs.1 out of 68 children are Autistic. A

Apparently the momentum is too strong to stop this destruction of humanity as the establishment won’t listen. Our saving-grace constitutional resource is the religious exemption for vaccination and …home school education or community based schools are the better option so that a few clear leaders will emerge from this mass extinction.

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