AUSTRALIA: Commonwealth considers withholding payments to immunization objectors

The Federal Government is considering withholding tax benefits from families in the region who choose not to immunise their children.

Federal Health Minister, Peter Dutton, will discuss the issue with his state counterparts in Brisbane tomorrow.

The minister vowed to tackle the problem while touring the north coast, where some communities have childhood vaccination rates below 50 per cent.

He says it might be time for the government to take a tougher stance.

“The Commonwealth obviously makes a series of payments around the Family Tax Benefit and parenting payments otherwise, and I’m considering very seriously about what options the Commonwealth has in withholding payments or providing further incentive to parents to have their children immunised,” Mr Dutton said.

“Because it is very important not only for their children, but for the rest of the community as well, particularly in a childcare or school setting.

“These conscientious objectors, now some people say that on religious grounds they refuse to have their children immunised, no such grounds exist.

“There is no religious reason for somebody not to immunize their children.”

VLA COMMENT: You can be sure that the CDC is behind him. This is just another sign of the relentless and aggressive strategies being implemented by the establishment.  VLA Comment from Dee Nicholson, activist par excellence,  on the character of Australia’s Federal Health Minister, Peter Dutton: This useless little dictator Dutton has been  our Federal Member  of Dickson in Qld for years!

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