3 thoughts on “Autism: This is what autism looks like! This is vaccine injury

  1. Tony Ryan

    Do you know roughly what percentage, of western nation parents of autistic children, are aware that most causes of autism are known and treatment is possible?

  2. Ellen Messer

    Please, Please, please, stop expecting the very doctors who caused this problem with vaccines to help you. Call Dr. Rebecca Carley. She has the cures. Don’t wait. http://www.drcarley.com She teaches parents how and what cures the diseases caused by vaccines.

  3. MaryClare

    Let’s hope parents understand that vaccines are what is causing autism. In 1982, the rate of autism was 1 in 10,000 children. Now it is appx 1 in 47 boys, for ex., although the percentage may be even higher. If parents were to do their homework re: vaccines in the first place and realize that doctors are not God and do not have all the answers, then they and their child would not be going through this hell in the first place. Educate, don’t vaccinate…caveat emptor!

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