Experimenting w/Vaccines on the Afrikans first-GATES pledges $10 Bn for vaccines

EXPERIMENTATION…. notice that this campaign gets rolled out “first” in Afrika so that these children are the first to use this new vaccine.

“The Gavi Alliance, a global health partnership of public and private sectors for immunization, says 19 countries will get the jab at first. Kenyan children have begun receiving it and Sierra Leone, Yemen, Honduras and Guyana will follow this year. Infants in Nicaragua also started receiving the vaccine a few weeks ago”.

The spokesman particularly notes for the camera and for the mothers in the room –“they are all getting the same jab as the European and US citizen’s get….yet…the UK, the US and children in Europe get…. haven’t gotten it yet. Perhaps we are waiting to see what the adverse effects are first for the downtrodden and unsuspecting Afrikans. Read more…

Bill and Melinda Gates pledges 10 billion dollars over 10 years for vaccines.  Read more…

2 thoughts on “Experimenting w/Vaccines on the Afrikans first-GATES pledges $10 Bn for vaccines

  1. kibitzer

    Great. Wonderful. Marvel of medical science. Just one thing. Has it been checked for its ingredients? Like the tetanus jab some years ago, rolled out in 3 different Third World countries, in a campaign concentrating on young females, which proved to have an anti-fertility agent smuggled into it? Or the vaccines, associated with Gulf War Syndrome, which had squalene in them? Squalene is a substance found in the human body. If it is put in a vaccine, which is designed to trigger an immune reaction, the body will mount an immune reaction to its own squalene. Result: an autoimmune disease/condition.

    The same with the myelin basic protein (MBP) that is – can be – a contaminant of the MMR jab, from the chick embryo cells that the measles component of the jab is cultured on. MBP is MBP; the human body recognizes it as foreign, from its presence in the vaccine, and mounts an immune reaction to it. Result: neurological disorders, with the body attacking its own myelin, which is the fatty material acting as insulation to the cranial nerve systems. Note: antibodies to MBP have been found in the damaged guts of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder; ie: brain damaged, in a wide variety of ways. Which can include ADD and ADHD and dyslexia and dyspraxia and…and……

    But not to worry. Millions of lives will be saved by these vaccines. We’re told.

    It’s what we’re not told that has me concerned.

  2. John H.

    In my bio, at my blog, I discuss the anti-population symposium put on by the Club of Rome I attended (1988). The lectures were primarily on the advancement in ‘DNA vaccines’, and how they would be intergraded into the ‘western population’ through a ‘world medical system’ that would track every human. This, by-the way, is why putting EVERYONE’S DNA in a database is so important to them.

    At any rate, during the entire set of lectures these bio engineers would refer to the tests in Africa, over and over. They made it clear as the nose on your face that African is nothing more than a vaccine / genetics laboratory and Africans are nothing more than human guinea pigs. I can only imagine the suffering they have caused these poor people. Yet they send in THEIR CONTROLLED MEDIA and put on a ‘show’ that what they are doing in Africa is saving lives when the disease track record tells a completely different story.

    Note that these warm hearted eugenicists will rarely if NEVER give the African people the ‘stuff’ known to eradicate disease. proper infrastructure (potable water / sewage removal) and fresh nutritious food. However , they dole out plenty of money for vaccines. Aren’t they wonderful?

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