Ebola: NY Times complicity video-Liberia Ebola actors geting paid

VLA Comment: We have not covered the Ebola issue for reasons such as this. Watch to the end…caught on cell phone camera…the actors, the payoff. Consider this cosmic principle: At the basis of all disease is the frequency of “FEAR”.
Where there is love the is no fear. They are two separate and distinct frequencies. What is more terrifying is the Disease of Terror. The Disease of Terror is what is spreading. Both main media and unwitting alternative media are spreading this terrible disease…not Ebola…not influenza…but THE DISEASE OF TERROR-the foundation necessary of ALL diseases!

German Journalist whistleblower tells all – how government agencies bribe them to create stories for their propaganda

BREAKING NEWS: National Institutes of Health “We may need to vaccinate the whole country”

3 thoughts on “Ebola: NY Times complicity video-Liberia Ebola actors geting paid

  1. Hilary

    Hello, great post. I think the whole Ebola issue is serving many agendas, one of which is through as you say ‘fear’ to get people to not trust each other. …another ‘divide and rule’ tactic.

  2. Dev

    Fully agree – this is a crock of shit.

    What people do not realise is that the concept of the pathogenic virus is false.
    Aids is one of the biggest hoaxes of all time along with hepatitus – all worth billions!

    The real problem is chemicals – those they use to initiate illness and blame on viruses nad then as pointed out – the vaccines.

    Pathogenic Viruses so not exist!
    No part of a pathogenic virus has ever been isolated, characterised or even observed to do what is proposed.

    I personally have been in touch with the perth group among others to confirm and I would estimate that around 10-20% of doctors do know that they are drug peddlers for pharma.
    hippocratic oath my arse. They are death dealers with no understanding of what health is about.

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