Finally Vaccine judgement: Infant dies after receiving 22 routine vaccine doses

The untimely fate of Elijah Daniel French, who was born on May 4, 2007, and died just days after receiving eight routine vaccinations in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s recommended vaccine schedule, has been determined by a child death investigator and several pathologists to have been caused by the vaccines. Learn more:

Danny’s full story is available here:



2012: Christina Moore took her happy, healthy 8 month old son Trent to his well baby visit at Seymour Medical Center in Seymour, TN. He passed away in the night, less than 13 hours after his mother was bullied at the doctors office to give him 5 vaccines, even though she only felt comfortable with one at a time. Christina wrote “I argued with the nurse practitioner for 30-45 minutes. They would not split the shots up! They bullied me, told me I was retarded, told me he needed all the shots that day, told me they could not split the shots up, told me it absolutely would not hurt him! He was injected with 4 needles and given the Rotavirus oral vaccine. He died less than 13 hours later. She was compensated $20,00 for the death of her son. Read story…

Logan dead from vaccines

Logan, 2 1/2 received the mumps vaccine and shortly after developed mumps on both sides. The infection spread to his lymph nodes and gastro-intestinal tract. He was admitted into the hospital and they sent him in for a 2-hour surgery. He lost consciousness and went into cardiac arrest. Logan had a second cardiac arrest, went into a coma, and was placed on a cardiac bypass machine. He died a few days later. His mother is adamant that the MMR vaccination was causal.  Read more…


Healthy Student, 18, Vaccinated for Meningitis Dies of Meningitis

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Heartbreaking Accounts of Vaccine Injury


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    Is this true? approx. 85% of today’s vaccines are sold under the names of large pharmaceutical companies are produced in Asia

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