FOX NEWS: “Federal Regulations” are needed to mandate vaccines




Media calling for Federal Regulations of VACCINES

Watch Fox news propaganda “pockets of unvaccinated children putting public at risk:
They are covering several “holes” that have emerged over time in their propaganda strategies such as:

Normally intelligent people have asked:
If vaccines are effective how come vaccinated kids are having outbreaks?  Why would the unvaccinated cause a problem if the vaccines work?  (duh!!!)

The answer the establishment has now figured out to tell us is:
MORE VACCINES..we need to give more vaccines – booster shots – not only to children but to adults. AND, furthermore,   We need Federal control over vaccines, taking the control away from individual states

Are people dying of the measles? They use the word “sickened by”.

Watch Fox News..Dr. Seigel has the audacity to say Measles are worse than Ebola

VLA comment:  Getting measles naturally give Lifetime Immunity! Get sick and have life- long immunity! Nobody I know in the day of measles parties died!  However, those who have already been vaccinated upwards of 53 vaccines by the time they are six (sicks)  are in trouble, though.  If you want your child to be healthy and to be able to fight off infections-have a healthy diet when you are pregnant, breast feed, home birth, don’t cut the cord for hours or days, feed organic food.  Vaccines have disabled and are debilitating the future generations of humanity.  If vaccines and therefore religious waivers are taken over by the Federal government, we are in big trouble!

6 thoughts on “FOX NEWS: “Federal Regulations” are needed to mandate vaccines

  1. sstorch

    do we sit and cow in fear of these spineless leaders? no, because they are in total fear of our infinite power.
    the four branches of government: judicial, legislative, executive and the people. the three work for the people….

  2. Bliss Doubt

    This morning, January 22, NPR also ran a load of crap about an unvaccinated kid giving the measles to Mickey Mouse (the alleged Disneyland outbreak). I’m hearing it so much in the news, it’s like a bell tolling. The more you hear it, the more you know trouble is coming.

  3. Wayne Bachmann

    We don’t need any more laws. All we need is for people to start learning Commercial Law, and start holding individuals accountable, by filing and serving Criminal Complaints, then giving copies of everything to at least 5 major bonding companies, with instructions to post it on their APB (All Points Bulletin), notifying all bonding companies across the nation of the crimes committed, and by whom.

  4. neeltje

    You know why it is forbidden to vaccinate baby s and elderly people in Switserland?.
    That s because there is the “money” of the makers,so they can protect themselves and their grandchildren!Eileen it is a dirty wrotten world,!In which “they”want to kill before being revealed!
    Hoping for the disclosure soon!

  5. countyguard

    This Fox “news” brief was pure propaganda and fear mongering. If people are that ignorant of what these vaccinations do, then I guess they will have to pay the consequences.

  6. Matt

    If the Feds take over vaccine policy and try to make it mandatory, they’re going to get a fight like they’ve never seen before. Sorry pals but I know what those vaccines are and NO ONE will be poisoning me or my family! NO ONE will be taking my kids just because we want to keep them healthy! My family has a lifetime of experience of being MUCH healthier than our vaccinated and constantly sick fellow citizens, spreading their manufactured diseases. We know how to stay healthy without man-made injections! On the very rare occasion one of us gets the flu, it’s run it’s course and gone in about a day! Why would anyone vaccinate for something that is easily prevented most of the time and cured naturally??!! Ignorance, that’s why! We will move to the woods or move out of the country or whatever else we must do to remain healthy and free.

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